Change Scares Every Older Generation and Terrifies the System

Jake Van Gogh (YouTube)

I think that one of the biggest problems that people are having right now during this cultural paradigm shift is that what was ok, what was accepted, what was taken for granted, what was taught as “normal” or “just the way it is” isn’t acceptable anymore.

I know this makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but we must address it.

Our founding fathers, our historical figures, public figures, politicians and presidents were heavily flawed human beings, and some were outright vile and disgusting people.

When we see people taking down statues we are not “erasing history” as many people would like to claim, the opposite is actually happening, we are acknowledging history.

We refuse to be defined by outdated values and norms such as racism, sexism, homophobia and bigotry in general.

We are shaping our country not into something that forgets or ignores its history(as many of you clamoring for the safety of statues seem to imply), but one that addresses the simple fact that many of the views that helped birth this nation are no longer acceptable.

You should not be upset that we are making changes, you should be proud that the most intellectually connected, well-educated generation this world has seen is conscientiously making strides that the problematic founding fathers would even sympathize with.

I’ll go a step further and say that every single person whose statue is being torn down(although they may not agree with our reasoning for obvious reasons) would still understand what this is and why we must do it to move forward.

Change cannot be comfortable for everyone to be real change.

Those who have profited and benefited the most from inequality will be the loudest and most adamant supporters of “the way things were”.

The world isn’t yours anymore. I understand that it scares you.

Change scares every older generation and it terrifies the system.

But that change is necessary.

Many generations have tried in the past to change things, many have succeeded in their time to bring about real change.

This is our time.

You will not take it from us.




Psychology Graduate, Political Voice, Content Creator. Facebook-@iamjakevangogh

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Jake Van Gogh

Jake Van Gogh

Psychology Graduate, Political Voice, Content Creator. Facebook-@iamjakevangogh

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