Why I don’t debate conspiracy theorists…

In my experience, generally speaking, when you try to engage with someone in a debate over a conspiracy theory, several things happen.

First off, whether it be a conspiracy about vaccines, 911, the illuminati, a cure for HIV, Hillary Clinton, etc.

People will try to argue, and falsely, that lack of evidence to support their claims, is in itself evidence to support their claim.

To them, since their is no widespread scientific data or evidence to support the crazy things that they are saying, that is also a conspiracy and part of the conspiracy.

To them, the lack of evidence proves that they must be right.

Second, they will look to the past at things that they feel were equal in value and once considered a “conspiracy, then later proven right to try to make a comparison.

The line of logic with this goes as follows, “if one conspiracy was proven true then why would you doubt conspiracies about x,y, and z?”

The answer is simple, not everything is of equal value. There simply aren’t 2 sides to every issue and quite frankly, there isn’t always an opposing viewpoint to everything. You’re just wrong.

Furthermore, if you are willing to engage and entertain someone’s conspiracy theory and try to debate them with science, you are in essence reinforcing their beliefs while trying to equate science with pseudoscience, and that doesn’t help anyone but the conspiracy theorist.

If I can prove my claim to you with factual data and research and your counter argument amounts to an argument that you watched a YouTube video or read a book by pseudoscientist or someone who doesn’t even have a degree in the field of the topic your discussing, I would be doing myself a disservice as someone who values science, rationality, logic, and facts, in even entertaining your viewpoint through a debate.

By all means feel free to challenge me in an intellectual debate, but do so on my level, and that is with facts and science.




Psychology Graduate, Political Voice, Content Creator. Facebook-@iamjakevangogh

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Jake Van Gogh

Jake Van Gogh

Psychology Graduate, Political Voice, Content Creator. Facebook-@iamjakevangogh

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