Why I’m Voting For Joe Biden

To be complacent is to be complicit. To not vote, or to vote third party in this election is enabling the removal of my rights and those like me. When people don’t vote, we’re the collateral damage. VOTE.

Hi Friends, today I want to tell you one of the major reasons why I’m not voting for Donald Trump and why I am voting for the Joe BIden/Kamala Harris ticket in this presidential election.

First off, the Trump administration has been a major threat to my community since his inauguration.

From banning transgender people from serving in the military, to establishing the Religious Liberty Task Force, President Donald Trump and his administration seem hell bent on setting my community back 50 years.

Under his administration Housing and Urban Development announced a new rule that allows homeless shelters to turn away transgender people.

He’s allowed foster care programs who receive federal funding to deny LGBTQ people adoption based on religious belief.

His HHS proposal defines sex as either male or female and unchangeable, erasing transgender people and further instructing people at the CDC to stop using the word “transgender” in their reports.

The Department of Education and Justice eliminated Obama-era guidance clarifying that schools must treat transgender students consistent with their gender identity.

HHS created a new office whose only purpose is to defend medical professionals who refuse to provide LGBTQ people with care.

Trump’s Department of Labor issued a regulation designed to allow federal contractors to claim a religious exemption to fire LGBTQ workers because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Under Trump’s leadership, LGBTQ progress is being erased in plain site under the guise of “religious freedom”.

Well, where the fuck is our freedom?

Where is our freedom to do everything that non-LGBTQ people do without fear of discrimination?

The amount of damage that this administration has done to the LGBTQ community, and the track record moving forward shows that he has zero intention to stop, and in fact, wants to push further.

I can’t sit back and ignore the fact that my community is being pushed back into some bizarre subhuman status because evangelical voters and the Republican Party and how much they hate us.

I don’t like being called a “single issue voter” however this so called “single issue” impacts my community in nearly every single facet of our lives, and not by our own choosing.

I am voting for the candidate who can reverse these dangerous changes, and provide more protections and equality for my community, not less.

My community cannot risk losing more ground.

My community has to take this seriously.

LGBTQ rights are Human Rights.